Four dead, including suspect, after shooting and arson at Houston home

Three people have died and two have been injured in the early hours of Sunday morning in Houston after a man set fire to a building and subsequently shot at fleeing people.

The victims are men ranging in age from 40 to 60 years old. A Houston Police officer subsequently killed the suspect, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner told a news conference.

“This suspect, unfortunately, and very sadly and viciously, set several residents on fire,” Finner explained. Then, the suspect “waited for those residents to come out and shot them,” he added.

The attacker had been a resident of the building he set on fire for several years. According to Finner, he allegedly received an eviction notice that “may have been a trigger point for him.”

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The police force has confirmed that both the district attorney’s office and the Houston Police Department are investigating the incident.

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