Fortuna paid the highest winnings in Romania (P)

Fortuna has paid out the biggest betting win in Romania at the beginning of 2023. The sum amounts to almost 2 million euros and was won by a punter from Horezu, Valcea county.

The end of 2022 was an extremely inspiring one for a punter from Horezu, Valcea county. On 28 December he went into a Fortuna agency and placed tickets with a minimum stake of 1 leu. The tickets contained no less than 30 events.

Two days of excitement followed, but all 30 predictions in basketball, volleyball and football came up green and the total winnings amounted to 15,500,000 lei, or more than 3 million euros. After tax, the inspired punter was left with a total net win of 9,766,550 lei, almost €2 million.

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“From day one I felt the ticket would be a winner. It was like something divine. Throughout the two days I was very nervous. On Friday evening (No. 30 December 2022) I found out that I won and I couldn’t sleep all night” admitted Dragos.

“Now I’ve calmed down, but I’m still getting a lot of messages. I don’t know what I’m going to do with the money, but I can’t wait to go on a short holiday because I’ve had a pretty tough year. I’m thinking of buying a house and a car, but all in good time.” added the winner.

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