Forspoken Update 1.10 is now available – That’s Gaming

Square Enix’s Forspoken may have seen mediocre sales, but it is still getting updates. Update version 1.10 is out now and offers new features and visual improvements. In addition to adjusting Brightness and Contrast when starting the game, changes have been made to lighting and environmental occlusion.

PC performance has also been optimized – those running the game on recommended specifications or higher should see a 30 percent boost. These adjustments also apply to PS5 users, so expect similar performance improvements. Some new quality of life updates include “Remember last viewed menu section,” which can always open to the last menu when enabled or disabled to always open the map.

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“Lock on nearby enemies” will automatically choose the next target when you have defeated another enemy. One of the best new options, however, is “Immunity to Own Magic,” which prevents Frey from being disoriented or affected by her own spells.

Check out the performance and lighting improvements below. More updates are in development, so stay tuned for more details. Luminous Productions is also working on In Tanta We Trust, a single-player expansion due out this summer.

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