Former presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernandez resigns as senator

Former presidential candidate Rodolfo Hernandez has resigned as senator, as speculated, just two months after he assumed the position that corresponded to him as second choice in those elections in which the now president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, ended up prevailing.

Hernandez has officially presented this Tuesday his resignation to the seat, weeks after he declared that his presence in the Senate was like “having Messi as a goalkeeper”, which would confirm his intentions to run for governor of the department of Santander, or for mayor.

Self-proclaimed anti-corruption candidate despite being investigated for alleged irregularities in the bidding of a public contract when he was mayor of Bucaramanga, he unexpectedly made it to the second round of the elections, in which more than 10.6 million people bet on an anti-political discourse that earned him the nickname of ‘Trump of the Caribbean’.

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