Ford has big plans for the Craiova plant: what the Americans are preparing

Ford has announced that it will produce exclusively electric cars starting in 2030, and from 2025 all Ford plants in Europe will be adapted to move to the production of these vehicles.

The Ford Puma will have an electric version in no more than 4 years, given the life cycle and plans that the American manufacturer has on the European market. Normally, the first generation of Puma should end its life cycle in 2026, when the company will already present a new generation, which will also offer a battery-powered version.

At this moment it is known with certainty that in Craiova the electrification of the plant will start, so that the next model that will be produced on the lines of the plant where Puma and EcoSport are assembled today can also have an electric version. Although the company did not specify the name of the future model, the company’s bosses confirmed that it will be a commercial vehicle. All available information pushes to a Transit Courier model, the passenger version of the LCV that is currently being produced in Turkey.

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Ford has announced that it is investing about 300 million euros in the Craiova plant for the launch of production of the new model, which will also have an electric version, starting in 2024.

Craiova plant, profitable

“By introducing a fully electric version in 2024, Craiova will become our third factory in Europe where fully electric vehicles are produced. The investment in Craiova comes in the context of other investments already announced for the Ford Electrified Vehicle Center in Cologne and Ford Otosan’s Kocaeli plant in Turkey and sends a clear signal about our promise to offer zero-emission commercial vehicles to customers in Europe. ” said Stuart Rowley, President of Ford of Europe.

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“The Craiova plant is very important for us. Romania is very competitive in terms of costs and this is an important asset that we have “, he added.

Ford says that the total investment in its production operations in Romania will amount, as a result of this investment, to almost 2 billion dollars, since the takeover of the factory in Craiova, in 2008.

The Ford Puma was the brand’s best-selling car in Europe, with 132,887 units, 12% more than a year earlier. The other model produced in Craiova, EcoSport, sold 31,331 copies, 34% less than in 2020.

In total, last year Ford produced 163,350 vehicles in Craiova, with 16,000 fewer vehicles than in 2020.

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