Footage from the next Walking Dead reveals the return of established characters to the franchise: when you can see the show

New images from The Walking Dead’s upcoming spin-off series Dead City, Negan and Maggie reveal the return of established characters to the franchise.

New images from upcoming The Walking Dead spin-off Dead City reveal the return of Maggie and Negan. The Walking Dead premiered on AMC in 2010 and ran for 11 seasons, with the series finale debuting on November 20. As the long-running, critically acclaimed horror series came to an end, The Walking Dead franchise began to grow.

So far, three spin-off series have already been created, with three more in development. The first of these, Dead City, was announced in March under the title Isle of the Dead. The name of the series was changed to Dead City in August, and filming ended in October. The Walking Dead: Dead City will have six episodes and premiere in April 2023.

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The Walking Dead: Dead City will premiere in April

In new images posted to Instagram by The Walking Dead, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) return to the zombie franchise. The first image shows a new look for Maggie, who sits in a bar dressed in a leather jacket and gloves, with her hair slicked back. The second image shows Negan, also wearing a leather jacket. The final – and perhaps most telling – image shows Maggie holding a knife to Negan’s throat, while Negan looks unfazed.

The Walking Dead series finale left fans heartbroken after Rosita’s devastating death, but it set up the franchise’s future spinoffs perfectly. Rick and Michonne appeared for the final scenes of the finale for the first time since their departures, giving a hint of what’s to come in Rick and Michonne. Daryl said goodbye to Carol before leaving Alexandria on his own, creating his Daryl Dixon spin-off. Finally, though Negan’s future was not revealed, Maggie hinted at wanting to explore more of the world again, as she did in The Walking Dead season 9, setting up the New York story in Dead City.

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