AEW announces British event at Wembley Stadium –

Although many people assume the only wrestling company out there is WWE, there are other players in the game, like AEW. Now the relative new kid on the block wants to make a big splash as it crosses the pond for the first time since its inception.

AEW All-In is a new special event to be held at Wembley Stadium on August 27 this year. It is the first time a wrestling event has been to Wembley in 30 years, and if it sells enough tickets, it could also be the biggest wrestling event in the United Kingdom at that time.

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With the company making its british debut, chances are it will sell a lot of tickets for All In. But whether that will sell the 90,000 seats at Wembley Stadium is an entirely different story.

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AEW announces UK event at Wembley Stadium

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