Follow, the alternative to Google Reader, could soon be implemented in desktop Chrome

Google Reader is a service that many still regret, despite the fact that it’s been closed for years now. Alternatives such as Feedly have grown in the meantime, but a solution integrated into the Google account would have been more comfortable for many users interested in following certain sites. Recently, the Chrome mobile browser got “Follow”, a sort of built-in “reader” feature, and now this very useful function is coming to the desktop browser.

Google Chrome could integrate a new kind of “Reader”

It appears that test versions of ChromeOS 106 already include code that integrates Follow functionality into the desktop version of the Chrome browser. At the moment, these features are not fully implemented and so are not functional, however, there is the option to “follow” a site, an action that opens a new panel where we will see our personal list of followed sites. The discovery was recently made by the About Chromebooks website.

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However, it seems that Google representatives do not want to promise this feature for the desktop in the near future. Chrome 106 is however two versions away, with the browser currently “stable” on version 104. Given the distance between Chrome versions, we may be months away from the release of this feature.

An interesting feature of the Follow feature on Chrome sites, however, is that it is not dependent on the presence of an RSS feed. Regardless of whether or not the site has a list of articles implemented, Chrome can identify and “pull” new articles from the site to be displayed in the list.

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