Fitbit announces Versa 4 and Sense 2, its smartwatches for 2022

Fitbit, Google’s smart wearables division, has announced two new smartwatch models in the Versa and Sense series. They are equipped with the FitbitOS operating system and improve on the design of previous generations, with more rounded shapes and physical buttons for more comfortable control of monitoring functions. Of course, both watches benefit from advanced sensors and powerful software to interpret their information.

The two Fitbit Versa 4 and Sense 2 watches get the physical button back, absent on the previous generation

The Versa 4 is the entry-level model in Fitbit’s smartwatch area, offering solid construction and advanced sports tracking features. The watch includes 40 sports workouts, advanced options to measure workout intensity over different intervals, as well as the ability to monitor 1,000 different types of workouts within them.

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This model promises up to six days of battery life, as well as the ability to fast charge, with the ability to add a day’s running time with just 12 minutes of charging. In fact, these capabilities are also available on the Sense 2 model, which benefits from a similar design and very similar functionality, but with extra sensors.


Even though the Fitbit Sense 2 is almost identical in shape to the Versa 4, it benefits from electrodermal activity monitoring (cEDA), which can thus assess the user’s stress level. This model also includes a body temperature sensor, which can help with various types of activity and mental state monitoring.

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The software even has the ability to suggest ways to react to stress in tense moments, with breathing exercises or mindfulness sessions directly from the watch.

Fitbit sense 2

Both watches are also compatible with Fitbit Premium, the monthly subscription that offers access to advanced activity monitoring features as well as a variety of exclusive workouts.

In Romania, the Fitbit Versa 4 launches at a price of 1,149 lei, while the Sense 2 comes with a price tag of 1,499 lei. Both also include six months of Fitbit Premium membership and will be available in specialty stores from September.

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