First-Person Survival Horror-Game ‘Blood Hunting now available for PC – That’s Gaming

Indiegame developer and publisher Holcomb Entertainment invites you to experience the terror of a lifetime by downloading and trying out their debut game Blood Hunting, a thrilling first-person survival-horror adventure that promises to shock and surprise you as you solve difficult puzzles and seek the sweet taste of revenge. Blood Hunting is available today on PC via STEAM and through the Epic Game Store, if you’re brave and daring enough to try it out.

In Blood Hunting, you play the protagonist Chase Jones, an ordinary man who lost his family when he was young. It has been fifteen years since your parents were horribly murdered and their blood drained from their bodies. No one knows what happened, leaving more questions than answers. Your task and challenge is to put the pieces together to understand what happened to your family members. As you discover the truth, you become aware of what you need to do. Unfortunately, those in charge have started hunting you so they can put an end to this investigation. An unknown stranger helps by sending text messages to your phone. You must survive long enough to discover the truth and finally put right what was wrong from the beginning. Do you have the skills and courage to discover the truth?

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