Finland denounces two Russian aircraft “suspected” of violating its airspace

The Finnish Ministry of Defense has reported Thursday that two Russian MIG-31 fighter jets are “suspected” of violating Finnish airspace in the Gulf of Finland, off the town of Porvoo, near the border with Russia.

“The Border Guard has launched a preliminary investigation and will provide further information on the matter once the investigation is completed,” the Finnish Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

Estonia, along with Latvia and Finland, which also share borders with Russia, have been lobbying in the European Union to ban the issuance of new visas to Russian citizens in a bid to control the land border as well.

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and routine violations of its airspace by Russian forces have pushed Finland to apply for NATO membership, a move that has forced Moscow to change its security policy in the Baltic and Arctic region following the entry of Sweden and Finland.

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