Find Flip, Oppo’s first foldable phone, gets preliminary specs list

Coming as a slightly more affordable alternative to the Find N, launched last year to compete with the Galaxy Fold and Mix Fold series, the Oppo Find Flip will feature a much more compact design highlighted with highly competitive hardware.

According to rumors, the Oppo Find Flip will be one of the most compact foldable phones to date, featuring an exterior display of just 3.26 inches. Thus, the foldable screen will reach a diagonal of 6.8 inches (comparable to a conventional candybar design smartphone) only in extended mode. Interestingly, the screen folding mechanism is deployed all along the length of the casing and not horizontally, as is the case with devices like the Motorola RAZR. Thus, the phone can only be a miniature version of the rival Galaxy Fold, only good for slipping into your pocket.

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Unfortunately, the size of the case doesn’t leave much room for internal components, with the battery responsible for supporting the two OLED screens and the Snapdragon Gen 2 chipset managing to deliver a capacity of 4300 mAh, spread across two Li-ion cells (one for each half of the case.

Compared to the alternatives already released, the Oppo Find Flip will have a 72% larger outer screen than the one found on the Galaxy Z Flip4, or 20% larger than the one shipped on the Moto Razr 2022. On the other hand, the foldable screen housed inside is clearly smaller, with Oppo betting more on that niche of buyers attracted by the very compact construction.

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According to details obtained from sources, the Oppo Find Flip will have a fairly competitive photo setup, with a 50MP main sensor (Sony IMX766) as the highlight, seconded by an ultra-wide 8MP camera (Sony IMX355) and 32MP front-facing camera (Sony IMX709).

It only remains to be seen whether the Chinese manufacturer will manage to ship the new foldable phone outside of Asian markets, as it is already common practice for such companies to start with limited series, then wait for sales figures and reactions expressed by potential buyers online, before moving on to potentially risky global launch initiatives.

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