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Previews for Final Fantasy 16 are beginning to appear, along with extended footage. Publications such as Gematsu have played the demo and recorded more than 45 minutes of new gameplay. It looks like protagonist Clive, Torgal and Cidolfus Telamon (the Dominant of Ramuh) are searching for the Dominant of Fire in a Royal Waloeder Army fortress.

In addition to fighting a mid-boss, the party encounters Benedikta, the Dominant of Garuda, and her harpies Suparna and Chirada. Battles are in real-time, with Clive able to perform close and long-range attacks, but he can also issue commands to his allies. The Stagger meter from Final Fantasy 7 Remake returns and is once again used to inflict massive damage while an enemy is stunned.

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We also get Clive as Ifrit fighting Garuda, showing the mechanics of Eikon combat. It looks like a fighting game, but with simplified controls and cinematic moments. As noted months ago by producer Naoki Yoshida, there are supporting accessories that make the game easier for players.

These include the Ring of Timely Focus, which slows down time before you are hit by an attack, and the Ring of Timely Strikes to perform combos just by pressing the Square button. Check them all out in the short video below.

Final Fantasy 16 will launch for PS5 on June 22. More details soon.

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