Famous Hollywood actor John Malkovich will play in Romania: where the actor from “The New Pope” will be seen

John Malkovich is coming to Romania. The famous actor will star in a play in Timisoara.

The famous Hollywood actor, who has had roles in more than 70 films, will this time star in a play as part of events in Timisoara to mark its status as European Capital of Culture.

Our country is no stranger to the American actor. Malkovich was cast as the famous Romanian conductor and composer Sergiu Celibidache in the biographical film “Yellow Tie”, with scenes filmed in Romania.

John Malkovich in Romania

The mayor of Timisoara, Dominic Fritz, has announced that there will be big events in Timisoara this year, including the presence of American actor John Malkovich in a play and the Brâncuși exhibition starting in September.

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Dominic Fritz recently told Prima TV’s Insider Politic that the title of European Capital of Culture is a title of honour awarded by the European Commission.

“This title is, first of all, a title of honour given by the European Commission, a recognition of the potential of a city and the fact that these cities holding the title of Capital of Culture say something about Europe today, about European culture, about European values. In this sense, the fact that Timisoara has been chosen, of course, means that we can show that it is a city, a region where for hundreds of years we have been living European values, diversity, respect, innovation and this is a chance, a strategic opportunity, I would say, for Romania, to put us back on the map of Europe and to radically change the narrative about Romania abroad”, said Dominic Fritz, for the source mentioned above.

Renowned actor John Malkovich is known for his performances in Dangerous Liaisons and Being John Malkovich, but also stars in the HBO series The New Pope.

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