F1 Esports becomes F1 Pro Sim World Championship and starts… now?

The F1 Esports undergoes rebranding this year. Gone is the name F1 Esportsand the championship is now known as F1 Pro Sim World Championship. The word esports disappears from the naming, as has happened, for example, with another esport based on sport such as the LaLiga competition. Curious. With a name almost as long as a lap around a circuit and we do not know if it is very successful, the changes are not only limited to branding.

In 2023, races will return to the LAN format of previous years.. This implies that all drivers compete in the same room using equal simulation platform configurations.instead of competing separately at their respective headquarters.

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Although it had originally been said that the inaugural race would take place in the Maldives, the drivers have headed to DreamHack in Sweden for the first round. All very suddenly and here comes the interesting part of the news.

Rumors pointed to the first race of the season yesterday Friday the 24th at 16:00 CET (15:00 GMT/10:00 EST/09:00 PT). The event was to be streamed on the Formula 1 Twitch channel.

However, things did not go as planned due to. problems with contracts, potentially between F1 and the event hosts. Thus, in a late-breaking statement, it was confirmed that the first round of the F1 Pro Sim World Championship had been postponed. According to a post by League Racing News on X (formerly Twitter), the postponement is due to a dispute between F1 and the organizers over the potential prize pool.

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As a result, the first round will take place today, November 25, as will the second round. So the question is: Will there be F1 Esports today or whatever you want to call it?

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