“Excellent Service”, the third videogame to be launched thanks to Cervezas San Miguel

San Miguel Beers premieres “Excellent Service”The winning project of the third edition of the Beer Jam San Miguelthus becoming the third videogame to be born thanks to the brand. The team winner of this third edition of the Beer Jam San Miguel was Team Bwhich received 12.000€ prizeof which 5,000€ were entirely destined to the complete development of their videogame “Excellent Service”, which today is already a reality.

Following the theme “As long as we have the gamer chef and a San Miguel…”, the videogame “Excelente Servicio”, consists of stacking all the orders of a restaurant in the corresponding trays and delivering them to the customers. The objective of the game is to manage to deliver as many complete trays as possible. To do this, all the products must first be well squared on the tray as they fall on them.

Through this linkgaming fans can access this videogame and be among the first to enjoy it. The event was organized by the brand last July and brought together almost 40 developers from all over the country so that they could present a mock-up of a videogame following the proposed theme.

This year, unlike previous editions, the winning team made the game on mobile, instead of PC, following the growing trend of playing on this device. With this action, the brand seeks to support and give visibility to the sector of video game developers in Spain.by highlighting their work and helping them to overcome the obstacles they face to carry out their profession in our country.

Cervezas San Miguel has been key in this last phase as it has shared with us all the necessary resources to give the game a professional and finished look. It is wonderful that brands are interested in this type of projects and sponsor them, because it allows us to turn what in other cases would be a demo that remains in oblivion, into a complete and published project. This type of event helps participants to gain online visibility and establish friendships and contacts with the other developers present.

Jonatan Castell Abargues and Alberto Conca Gómez, members of the winning team B Team

This is the third videogame to see the light of day thanks to Cervezas San Miguel, which in the two previous editions of the Beer Jam supported the creation of “Ultimate Beer Racers by Cervezas San Miguel”. y “Delivery on Time.

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“Ultimate Beer Racers” is an online game with multiplayer option, in which the main character is a San Miguel beer that does not want to get hot and must get to a fridge as soon as possible, crossing a hot map.

Delivery on Time” consists of controlling a beer deliveryman throughout a working day, with the objective of collecting the crates of beer in the San Miguel beer truck before time runs out and delivering them to the customers who are waiting enthusiastically on the terraces to enjoy one of these beers.

The connection between Cervezas San Miguel and gaming Cervezas San Miguel finds in the gaming territory a space where it can contribute, co-create and connect. Thanks to the initiatives launched in recent years, it has managed to position itself as the reference beer for the sector, supporting the careers of all those who dare to live and enjoy this universe, developing groundbreaking actions that make this world bigger and richer.

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In all this time being part of the gaming universe, the brand has always sought to be the ally of gamers who seek to escape from conformism and enjoy their passion to the fullest. For this reason, its commitment to boosting the gaming world goes further and, with the aim of giving visibility to the most emerging profiles, the brand develops actions such as the PC Modding or the San Miguel Beer Jam.

Cervezas San Miguel has been creating unique beers for more than 130 years, awakening people’s curiosity so that they dare to broaden their horizons and live new experiences, and this same objective is transferred to the gaming world, where it wants to inspire and support gamers and all those people who, like video game developers, have turned this world into their passion and lifestyle.

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