Exaion joins Crédit Agricole’s PoCR blockchain

EDF’s blockchain subsidiary, Exaionnow operates a node on the test network protocol PoCR (Proof of Climate awaReness) launched by Crédit Agricole CIB and SEB.

Fatih Balyeli, CEO and co-founder of Exaionhad the opportunity in April at the DIMS 2023 attend the presentation of the new blockchain Proof of Climate awaReness (PoCR) by Crédit Agricole CIB’s head of crypto.

Group entity Crédit Agricolein partnership with SEB, was behind the creation of the network and its consensus of Proof of Climate awaReness (PoCR). The result seems to have convinced Exaion, which has joined the PoCR test network.

PoCR, an efficient and sustainable digital solution

The company announces on LinkedIn that it now has a node on the blockchain, along with Crédit Agricole CIB and SEB. For ExaionThis decision represents “a significant step forward” in its approach to “promoting efficient and sustainable digital solutions”.

Our participation in this pioneering initiative is perfectly in line with our mission, which is to offer our customers high-performance, eco-responsible digital solutions”, adds the French startup.

To design PoCR, the creators were inspired by Bitcoin and its Proof-of-work consensus, a competition mechanism of proven effectiveness.

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On the other hand, blockchain does not rely on intensive use of computing power and carbon-emitting infrastructures.

Node operators compete on the quality of their environmental footprint. The principle is therefore to encourage participants to “be virtuous with their IT systems”.

CRC tokens reward environmental impact

Efforts are rewarded with a native token, the CRC (Climate awaRenes Coin). Its distribution encourages blockchain validators to improve the carbon footprint of their underlying computing.

The PoCR protocol encourages stakeholders to constantly improve the environmental impact of their infrastructure by quantifying the climate impact of each node, using the ISO standard of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), and rewarding them accordingly. In short, the smaller your footprint, the bigger the reward,” sums up Exaion.

Crédit Agricole and SEB target blockchain “rather to large companies “eager to demonstrate the eco-responsible nature of the technology they exploit. The network’s governance is DAO-based and embedded in the genesis block – an approach inspired by Tezos.

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