Euler Finance hacker returns stolen funds

Euler Financea DeFi protocol hacked to the tune of $200 million earlier this month, has finally recovered a important part of stolen funds.

According to on-chain data, the hacker behind the Euler Finance attack in early March turned 51,000 ethersworth about $90 million at the current price, and several tens of millions of dollars in DAI.

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Euler Finance did not communicate on the return of funds. The price of its native token, EUL, has progressed following the dissemination of the news on social networks by companies specializing in cybersecurity blockchain and media.

The hacker had already made 3000 ethers a few days after the theft while the protocol was seeking to recover 90% of the funds in exchange for a 1 million dollar bounty.

Euler is a non-depository protocol built on top of Ethereum that allows for the lending and borrowing of various digital assets. It was closing a $32 million funding round led by Haun Ventures in the summer of 2022.

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