EU hails Ukraine’s resilience after six months of Russian aggression, pledges long-term support

Latest news on the war pitting Russia and Ukraine.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and European Council President Charles Michel on Wednesday acknowledged the resilience of the Ukrainian people six months into the invasion ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin, assuring that Europe will continue to stand by Kiev “as long as necessary.”

“You are fighting to defend your sovereignty and defend your freedom in the face of brutal aggression,” the head of the European executive said in a recorded message on the occasion of Ukraine’s national day, which also coincides with the sixth month of military offensive by Moscow.

In this regard, he acknowledged that Europeans “will never be able to match the sacrifices” that Ukrainians make “every day”, but, on the other hand, promised to be “at the side” of the country and to maintain long-term support.

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Von der Leyen has highlighted the humanitarian, financial and military support to Kiev during these months and has pledged to undertake the work of reconstruction of the country after the war. “Thanks to your sacrifice, your children will grow up in a Ukraine that is free and just. There is much to do, we can do it together. Europe is with you, now and in the long term,” said the German conservative.

For his part the president of the European Council has stressed that Ukrainians and Europeans have a “common future.” “We want to support you as much as we can to protect your territorial unity, sovereignty and independence. We are with you,” he stressed.

According to Charles Michel, the context in which this national day arrives in Ukraine disturbs a day of celebration. “It is not a day to wish you a happy independence because you are suffering and struggling, fighting for your land, the future of your country and your children, as well as for European principles,” he noted.

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These words of support come in the midst of escalating energy prices in Europe and when the consequences of the war threaten to break the European unity over the sanctions that the EU-27 apply to the Russian economy, which indirectly hit the Member States themselves.

Ukraine celebrates its national day on Wednesday, in the midst of a war against Russia. The Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenski, has addressed his compatriots to encourage them to go ahead in the face of their “most terrible threat” after facing half a year of Russian Army offensive. At the same time, the Ukrainian authorities assure that the worst war scenario is behind them and now Kiev is in a new phase of “stabilization” to counterattack.

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