EU denounces arrest of Russian opposition activist Roizman and calls for his immediate release

Latest news on the war between Russia and Ukraine

The European Union on Wednesday condemned the arrest of Russian opposition politician Yevgeni Roizman, former mayor of the city of Yekaterinburg, for publishing a video in which he allegedly “discredited” the Armed Forces.

“This is another act of repression by the Kremlin, half a year after the invasion of Ukraine. The EU calls for his immediate and unconditional release,” the head of EU diplomacy said in a message on social networks.

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Roizman, one of the few popular opposition voices still free in Russia, was detained Wednesday by security forces, accused of criticizing the Russian military for the military invasion of Ukraine.

The former mayor, who led Yekaterinburg between 2013 and 2018 and worked at the Echo of Moscow radio station, had already been sentenced three times in 2022 to pay fines for his publications on social networks, after he was singled out by Justice in 2021 for engaging in unauthorized activities.

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