Ethereum: Shapella deployment date confirmed

The Ethereum Foundation has made it known that the update Shapellawhich will allow to remove from ethers in stakingwould be activated the April 12, 2023.

The deployment of Shapella (Capella + Shanghai) on Ethereum will take place in 2 weeks. On Tuesday, the Ethereum Foundation announced that the update would land on the network at epoch 194048scheduled on April 12, 2023 at 22:27:35 UTC (00:27 French time).

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Last line for Shapella

In recent months, the ETH withdrawals in staking have been simulated on several testnetsincluding recently Goerli. Developers were thus able to verify the proper functioning of Shapella before its arrival on the Ethereum mainnet.

After a smooth transition from Goerli, the client teams scheduled the upgrade of Shapella for activation on the mainnet. Consensus was quickly reached for April 12 at the 157th AllCoreDevs Execution Layer meeting,” the Ethereum Foundation wrote in a blog post.

Blockchain cybersecurity experts can now collect up to half a million dollars for identifying a major vulnerability affecting Shapella.

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Nothing to do on the validator side

“This upgrade follows The Merge and allows validators to remove their stake from the Beacon Chain to the execution layer,” the foundation recalls in its article, noting that Shapella includes PIEs 3651, 3855, 3860, 4895 and 6049.

Network validators have no action to take as part of Shapella. “If you use an exchange, digital wallet or hardware wallet, you don’t have to do anything unless your provider asks you to take additional steps,” the announcement reads.

Coinbase recently indicated that its platform would offer customers the ability to withdraw their stashed ethers “approximately 24 hours” after the update is rolled out.

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