Ethereum developers have successfully completed the Shadow Fork Merge without any client incompatibility issues

In about four days, the merge is expected to be implemented and Ethereum will move from proof of work (PoW) to proof of stake (PoS). According to Ethereum developers, before the Paris upgrade, programmers completed the 13th and final shadow fork.

Ethereum’s 13th and final shadow fork is complete.

On Friday, social networks were abuzz with discussions about Ethereum’s merger and transition from PoW to PoS. In addition, ETH and Ethereum research and engineering firm Nethermind have revealed the last shadow fork is now complete. Basically, a shadow fork is an upgrade applied to the existing version of the Ethereum mainnet, and the public, in general, is not aware of the testing phase.

So far, with the last shadow fork, ETH have successfully executed 13 shadow forks. “The transition in Mainnet-Shadow fork-13 (the last shadow fork before The Merge) was successful for all Nethermind nodes“, Nethermind researchers said on Friday. In addition, there is a shadow net scanner, a mainnet shadow net explorer and a Beacon Chain shadow net explorer for easy testing.

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The pre-merger upgrade called Bellatrix on September 6, which was the last pre-merger transition before the Paris upgrade. Paris will trigger the merge and after the last PoW block is mined, an Ethereum validator will mine the next block. If this block is successfully mined by a validator, the merge will be 100% complete.

MSF13 merged earlier today, we saw the attestation rate drop to -97%“, an Ethereum developer wrote After the shadow fork. “This was due to stale data on a node that I forgot to delete, the node thought it was on the wrong shadow fork. No other client incompatibility issues were found.

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With the shadow fork successfully completed on Friday, that means the merger is ready, and the entities running are ready. While some people celebrated the shadow fork, others criticized Ethereum and called it “centralized“. On Saturday, following the 13th shadow fork, the test was discussed on on social networking channels like Twitter and Reddit.

The merge will execute when the network reaches a total terminal difficulty (TTD) value on the execution layer of 58750000000000000000000. This is estimated to occur on September 14, 2022, which is approximately three days after this article was written.

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