Ethereum and MetaMask continue their transformation

The update Shapella approach and the Ethereum Foundation Increases security premiums. But the public blockchain also hosts its first zkEVM. As for MetaMaskthe wallet ETH now allows theauthentication on a website.

Last September, Ethereum was taking a major step with The Merge. Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of the public blockchain, reminded us however that other evolutions await the network.

In addition, in order to fully switch to PoS, Ethereum must allow holders to withdraw their ethers in staking. This feature will be introduced soon with the Shapella update, also called Shanghai.

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Bug bounty and first zkEVM Ethereum

Its deployment is imminent. And to complete its activation, the Ethereum Foundation announces doubling its security premiums. Thus, cybersecurity researchers will be able to collect up to $500,000 for the identification of a major vulnerability affecting Shapella. This process of increasing bug bounty is common at the ETH foundation.

The Ethereum ecosystem is also going through other significant developments and has welcomed its first zkEVM. Still in alpha development stage, zkSync Era Is a zero-knowledge proof compatible Ethereum virtual machine (EVM).

This zkEVM is designed by Matter Labs, which opened the access to its layer 2 zkSync Era late last week. The network thus became the first zkEVM on the Ethereum blockchain. But certainly not the last.

The studio ConsenSys is developing its own zkEVM. The project was unveiled last year. A closed beta was initiated in January 2023. This week, on March 28, a public testnet will be launched.

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Polygon Labsthe entity behind Polygon, has released the beta version of the mainnet of its zkEVM this Monday.

Authentication from a MetaMask wallet

ConsenSys is also making progress on other projects. Last week, MetaMask Institutional opened its marketplace dedicated to staking. The editor has also just deployed a important update of its wallet.

At the conference PBW2023 in Paris, its CEO Joseph Lubin is an advocate of decentralization, particularly in the service of identity management. Thanks to the compatibility with EIP-4361, MetaMask now allows authentication on a website.

The ‘Sign In with Ethereum’ functionality is an alternative to centralized identity providers that rely in particular on the email address for access to a site. The main crypto wallet thus acts as a means of authentication on off-chain services.

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