ETH staking rate could quickly reach 35%: report

According to a report by Staked, the potential from growth from staking ETH is massif. The rate from tokens in staking should thus jump during the next months. Of what stimulate the creation of new crypto financial products ?

The boom of the staking Could Ethereum be attracting interest from new entrants, especially from traditional finance? Interviewed by On this point, SG-Forge, the crypto subsidiary of Societe Generale, invoked other priorities, which eventually led to the launch of a euro stablecoin.

Another French blockchain player, Exaion, is preparing a staking service for 2023. The prospects in this sector are in any case encouraging since the Shapella update of the Ethereum network. This is what the latest report measures State of Staking.

Ethereum driving staking growth

In a tweet From May 10, Kiln already pointed out this trend.

Over the past month, we have seen a staggering 279% growth in ETH AUM staking on Kiln, reaching a total of 301,024 ETH staked!”

The quarterly study by Staked, a subsidiary of the Kraken exchange, provides additional figures for the period of Q2 2023. And unquestionably, Ethereum is an engine for the growth of staking.

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May 2, 1.97 million ETH were placed in staking. The opening of withdrawals did not trigger massive outflows with a net decrease of 2% according to the report. The staking rate on the blockchain is now estimated at 14,9%.

A staking rate of 44.7% on the Top 35 PoS

Staked reminds that this level is far behind the average of the top 35 blockchain proof-of-stake à 44,7%. The margin of growth of staking on Ethereum is therefore major. The authors expect a rate between 20% and 35% within 12 to 18 months.

To make this prediction, analysts rely on staking activity over the past few weeks. For example, deposits made over 7 days through May 2 were 4 times higher than the post-Shapella week.

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The current average daily deposit is 6.5 times greater than its equivalent in April. Finally, the authors note that in the 6 days following Shapella, 750K ETH were put into staking. This is more than in the whole month of March (600K).

1.8 Billion in annualized premiums for Ethereum

The completion of the transition to PoS Ethereum’s staking premiums are still far from their ATH. However, the annualized staking premiums for all tokens combined are still far from their ATH.

In the last quarter, Staked estimates them at 5 billion dollars. This is three times less than a year ago at $15 billion in Q3 2022.

With a yield of 5.8% and a staking rate of 14.5% on the 2nd quarter, Ethereum Generator 1.8 billion dollars in premiumswhich is already 36% of the total PoS market. Enough to feed the appetite of the crypto sector.

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