Epidemiologist Antoni Trilla warns about the explosion of covid cases in China

The epidemiologist Antoni Trilla has shared in an interview for TV3 his impressions about the new wave of contagions by coronavirus which is holding in check China. The specialist from Hospital Clínic believes that there is a high probability that the virus will continue mutating into the current scenario, where a significant part of the Chinese population no has been in contact with the latest variants and has low immunity.

Likewise, the Catalan physician criticizes the management of the Asian country’s authorities and acknowledges having doubts about the veracity of the official data of reported cases and persons vaccinated.

Mutational capacity

Trilla is of the opinion that the large part of the population that has not been in contact with the latest variants and the vaccines used in China, less effective than those applied in European countries, create a context with a high likelihood that covid will remain mutating: “It is evident that is not a good situation that there is possible circulation of the virus in a country with 1.4 billion peoplewho, for the most part, can become infected because they do not have the same degree of immunity we have here,” explained the epidemiologist.

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According to the expert, this problem is would be aggravated in the event of covid returning to the animals, something that would “can never be ruled out”and even less so in a country such as China, which has a high density of animal population: “We could go back to the origins and encounter a virus more resistant to vaccines,” he commented on this hypothetical situation.

Veracity of the data

The specialist has also criticized the management of the Asian giant after the latter suddenly abandoned the policy of ‘covid zero’ following in the rest of the countries: ‘It has been passed in one week from a ‘covid zero’ policy to say. ‘this is over’.without having prepared a strategy for how to deal with the transition“, he said during the interview.

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Trilla also questioned the veracity of the official data issued from China, which “makes it difficult to evaluate the magnitude of what is going on.” The explosion of contagions has put the Asian territory and the international community in check, which has already adopted some measures precautionary measures against the arrival of people from the eastern country.

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