Epic Games says some Web3 games are doing “quite well”

The American developer expects to see a Twenty new blockchain games unleash on Epic Games Store at 2023.

The distribution platform Epic Games Store offers today 5 games with a focus on Web3 technologiessuch as blockchain and NFTs, and is expected to host nearly 20 new this year.

In an interview with AxiosSteve Allison, the director of the online store, said that a twenty blockchain stocks were in the pipeline, stating that none of them were developed by Epic.

Currently, there are 5 Web3 games on the Epic Games Store, including Blankos Block Party by Mythical Games, Core and Chainmonsters. New games, some of which are already listed on the store, include Grit, Delysium and Superior by Gala Games.

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According to the head of the platform, Blankos Block Party is a title pretty well done”. Steve Allison also noted that the game Core walked fairly well,” but no figures were given.

The editors of crypto games are responsible for transactions, customer service and processing refunds and fraud,” the executive added, noting, however, that Epic was trying to spot bad behavior.

Steve Allison believes that 2023 and 2024 will be pivotal years for Web3 gaming. The company expects to draw conclusions next year about the future development potential of this type of game.

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If the gaming blockchain is now attracting capital, it is however dividing the gamer community. Many gamers do not look favorably on this new genre of games. Changing the business model in gaming is not easy, according to the giant Ubisoft.

Last summer, Minecraft banned NFTs, denouncing their speculative nature. Steam had not waited to decide its policy towards blockchain technologies. As early as 2021, the company decided in favor of a ban. And Valve’s founder recently made it clear that things will not change despite the rapid development of digital assets.

Thanks to NFT which allow to authenticate digital objects, gamers have a real ownership on their items and can resell them, creating a real economy within the games.

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