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Last month was a busy month for us at That’s Gaming with all the game violence out there. So sometimes we forget that there are also some smaller games being released such as Endless Dungeon, published by SEGA and made by Amplitude Studios. Endless Dungeon is a roguelike twin-stick shooter with a layer of strategy, which is why Endless Dungeon should appeal not only to roguelike fans, but also to strategy fans. People interested in that fortunately don’t have to worry about where the game is available, as it is available on PC, PS5, PS4, Switch, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. However, the question is whether Endless Dungeon is a good purchase during this great gaming year….

In Endless Dungeon, every door is a critical decision moment. In fact, the game challenges you to make an informed choice every time you open a door in the space station in which the game takes place. The exciting thing about it is that behind each door are monsters that are sometimes perfectly beatable, but sometimes completely unbeatable. It makes for exciting choices that can make or break your mission. Of course, this formula has been known in roguelike games like Hades for some time, but this approach simply just works really well because you don’t know what you’re going to encounter in any given run. It gives a sense of unpredictability, which many games these days lack. The game further revolves around escorting a crystal robot to various starting points, the goal then being to eventually get that robot its objective. So while you do this, waves of enemies come at you. at first you will die a lot, but eventually you will get stronger and stronger and more strategic to eventually defeat the Endless Dungeon.

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As a player, you have to be careful with three types of resources. Science, industry and food. These three are crucial for building and upgrading defenses and improving your own skills. Managing these resources requires you to think beyond that 1 run and to plan strategically in order to get better yourself, but also to make sure the defenses are solid. If you keep planning on short notice, Endless Dungeon will actually feel endless.

Furthermore, the game features eight unique characters, giving the game a bizarre variety of play styles and strategies. Each character has their own unique abilities, allowing gamers to experiment with different setups that can make you successful. This extra layer of strategy also gives Endless Dungeon a dynamic experience, with every choice affecting gameplay. It all feels like a whole.

The fighting in Endless Dungeon will fortunately feel familiar to many if you are used to this type of game. Enemies have different weaknesses that you can exploit with the right weapons and strategies. Placing your towers is essential, but I would have liked more freedom of movement. The towers can only be placed at fixed locations, making this part feel a lot less strategic than the points we mentioned above.

Where Endless Dungeon especially excels is in how great the game looks. The environments are vivid and detailed that make you feel like the corridors and rooms in this space station are actually cold and kill. The characters look like they stepped right out of a comic book with all their own personalities, which adds a great vibrancy to the game. The hub world is otherwise a quiet oasis where you can quietly plan your strategies and your next runs, while still keeping the atmosphere that the game in the space station is trying to give you.

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It is true that we are quite positive about Endless Dungeon, yet there are some criticisms. The AI of the enemies are often far too monotonous, leading to repetitive battles. Consequently, this feeling does not fit with the rest of the game, as the battles actually take you out of the feeling of having to be strategic all the time. The first time it is fun to look for opponents’ weaknesses, but often si not necessary to beat your opponents. Furthermore, the pace of the game is fairly varied, when you are in a game the game feels fairly quick, but because you have to keep returning to the hub world to upgrade your towers and yourself as well, it sometimes feels like a delayed end, especially in the single player mode.

Endless Dungeon is in our eyes an ambitious game that invites gamers to test their tactical skills in a unique blend of game genres. It offers an engaging gameplay experience that will appeal to fans of action, strategy and roguelike games alike. Endless Dungeon excels at offering a strategic challenge that requires you to pay attention to the dynamics in your team, however, the AI is often a bit too monotonous and the game sometimes feels too slow to alternate gameplay moments. Still, we recommend this game for gamers who like Roguelike games that take things up a notch.

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