Emergency SOS on iPhone 14 saved another couple involved in an accident

As was the case after the integration of safety features on the Apple Watch, the new Emergency SOS capabilities on the iPhone are starting to save more and more lives. Two more people were rescued after their car fell into a ravine, from where they were able to call for help from authorities just by using the new satellite messaging feature, which gave authorities the information they needed to save them.

iPhone 14 praised again for saving users’ lives

A husband and wife couple were rescued from the Angeles National Forest in the US after the car they were driving fell into a 100-foot-deep ravine. They contacted the authorities using the Emergency SOS capability, which integrates a sort of questionnaire that they then deliver to the authorities, along with the GPS coordinates of the device. The two suffered non-life-threatening injuries, but authorities were able to intervene with a helicopter to rescue them from the situation.

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This is the second confirmed case of the Emergency SOS feature saving lives since the launch of the iPhone 14 in September. Another man was rescued from an emergency situation in Alaska last month after using the satellite messaging capabilities.

The Emergency SOS feature is currently free, but the way Apple has presented the service suggests that at some point it will charge for access to these capabilities. In order to communicate effectively with support services, Apple has set up a center that takes all these messages and forwards them on to local authorities.

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These days, Emergency SOS has also gone live in a few of the countries in Europe, with services likely to be expanded significantly over the next few months. In Romania, these services are not yet active.

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