Elon Musk’s next Twitter stunt has far-reaching consequences that should do us all good

Currently you can only view a limited number of posts on Twitter.  This video shows how long it takes.

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Currently you can only view a limited number of posts on Twitter. This video shows how long it takes.

What started as an irritation about users being locked out without a Twitter account escalates into much-discussed restrictions on all users. The discussions on this are once again fueled by tweets from Twitter boss Elon Musk, who is quite recently in office.

As a result, the maximum number of posts you can see on Twitter per day is currently limited. According to Musk, this is a temporary restriction – which could even have positive consequences for us (see also the article section Musk mocks his critics.

It is currently unclear how long the restriction will be in force.

A brief history of events follows. Links to the relevant Twitter posts are included as sources. However, if you have already reached your ad limit, you can only call it up again one day later.

  • No tweets without an account: As reported by US websites last Friday, posts are only displayed on Twitter if you have an account and are logged in. According to a Twitter employee it is a temporary restriction.
  • Tim Sweeny and Elon Musk speak out: Under a complaint von Epic-Chef Tim Sweeny Twitter boss Elon Musk also switched himself into the discussion. The problem is therefore hundreds of organizations that are supposed to aggressively retrieve data from Twitter.
  • Registered users are also restricted: Musk got in touch last Saturday with a tweet, who is now also announcing restrictions for registered users: Effective immediately, the maximum number of tweets displayed per day will be temporarily limited. Verified accounts are initially limited to 6,000 posts, non-verified accounts to 600 and brand new users to 300 tweets.
  • Musk softens the restrictions: Presumably in the course of the ongoing criticism, Musk initially increased the maximum number of tweets a little later 8.000/800/400. Meanwhile, another tweet from Musk followed, that of 10.000/1.000/500 tweet speaks.
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Ironically (and unsurprisingly), Musk’s first post on registered user restrictions set a viewing record on the platform, according to a tweet he tweeted.

Would it be the following Report If it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke from us, it would have had a good chance of getting record-breaking views as well:

Musk mocks his critics

In later tweets, Musk ironically comments on the huge debate that the current Twitter restrictions have sparked. In one of his posts he says: Reading limited because I’ve read all the posts about reading limitations. This tweet from him hits the same note:

How ironic when one’s complaints about restricted viewing hit those very limits.

This was followed by an almost poetic tweet, which was probably based on a contribution from the account Elon Musk (Parody) reference. In it, the fake account states that the supposedly real reason for the restrictions is to cure us of our Twitter addiction and do the world a favor.

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A basic idea that Musk also seems to like, as his current tweet below shows:

You wake up from a deep trance
step away from your phone
to see your friends and family

At the same time, there are rumors in the Computerbase forum about other possible reasons for the current restrictions.

Speculations about the supposedly true reasons

The rumors are that Twitter’s contracts with Google for cloud storage have expired (Reuters reported) and that the migration to the new system has taken longer than planned.

Another reason for the high number of data accesses is Problems of Twitter in space, which are said to have led to a kind of DDOS self-attack. Difficulties that shouldn’t arise at Musk’s company, SpaceX, when all new hires there resemble this hire:

➡️ Elon Musk hires 14-year-old genius for SpaceX – who is said to be smarter than billions of people

Ultimately, however, the only decisive factor for most is how long the current Twitter restrictions apply and how disruptive they are in everyday life with the social media platform. The former remains to be seen, the latter depends heavily on your individual usage behavior.

Feel free to tell us about your own experiences, but outsourced to the forum due to the high level of moderation that can be expected under this news. Alternatively, you can also use the comment function under the video embedded at the beginning of the article.

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