Elon Musk wants to make access to Twitter for a fee. Network introduces “Official” badge

Now that Twitter is a private company again, as Elon Musk has bought out the majority of investors, the company can move at a faster pace. Those following Twitter’s activity in recent weeks might say that it’s quite a chaotic pace, and it’s particularly apparent in the statements of the new CEO. He suggests that he might charge for access to Twitter, while the social network looks for ways to offer a new verification badge for “official” accounts.

Musk wants every Twitter user to pay for access

After jacking up Twitter Blue from $5 to $8 in just a week, and making the verification badge conditional on the account, basically turning it into something with no real value, Musk suggests he could make access to his social network for a fee. According to Platformer, sources inside Twitter suggest that Musk is considering this idea, but it’s not necessarily a plan for the foreseeable future.

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Basically, users would be able to post and read tweets on Twitter for a short period, after which they would have to pay to continue accessing the network. Musk has said in the past that he will try to increase both the number of users and the number of payers among them to get rid of the reliance on ads for revenue.

Now that verification is worthless, “official” accounts are being introduced

Now that anyone can get a verified account badge, although “verification” consists of paying a fee to confirm that there is a card from which $8 can be taken, “official” accounts face the problem of identification in the face of “fakes”. So Twitter is introducing a new badge, which will be given free of charge (like the verification badge so far) to certain official accounts of businesses, public institutions and high-profile individuals. Basically, the new “Official” badge that will appear on the account page will replace the old Verified badge and will have the same value: to confirm that it is indeed the real account of that person or institution.

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However, these badges will not be available for purchase.

source: Engadget, Platformer

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