Elon Musk threatens Microsoft with lawsuit

Elon Musk vs. Microsoft: Will there be a lawsuit?

Elon Musk vs. Microsoft: Will there be a lawsuit?

Elon Musk has threatened legal action against Microsoft for allegedly illegally using Twitter data. This is reported by The Verge, among others.

What happened?

Microsoft recently announced that it would no longer support Twitter through its advertising platforms. The reason: Twitter recently started charging a fee for access to its API. Microsoft doesn’t play along.

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There is more behind the threat: OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, recently received a significant multi-billion dollar investment from Microsoft. No wonder, after all, OpenAI builds its AI into software such as the two browsers Bing and Edge as well as Microsoft 365.

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The details are hidden here, because OpenAI uses data from Twitter for this – and Musk doesn’t like that at all.

poop emoji in response

As The Verge further reports, they asked for a statement from Twitter and Microsoft. Redmond declined to respond to the request. Twitter’s press account, on the other hand, responded as the account has responded to all inquiries since March 2023: with a shit emoji.

Additionally, a red box on the Microsoft Advertisement support page indicates that Twitter is no longer supportedbeginning April 25, 2023.

What does that mean? Businesses can no longer use the Microsoft platform to manage their tweets or engagement with Twitter. This also coincides with Twitter’s schedule to put its API behind a paywall.

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Twitter’s drive to decommission its API has already forced smaller companies, such as Tweetbot makers Tapbots, to leave the platform. For giant companies like Microsoft, the paywall could be expensive: it’s estimated at up to $42,000 a month.

Whether Musk carries out his threat is unclear. In the past, the billionaire has threatened lawsuits, which he has not carried out, as against the creators of the Twitter account @ElonJet.

Elon Musk threatens Microsoft with a lawsuit. There are huge names out there. Do you think it will come to that? Or does Elon Musk just paw his hooves and finally all anger vanishes into thin air? How do you rate the situation since Twitter has Musk as its new owner? Feel free to let us know what you think in the comments!

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