Electricity prices make electric cars more expensive than gasoline cars in UK -.

Rising energy and electricity prices are causing all sorts of problems around the world, and the latest sector to feel the impact is the electric car space. As The Telegraph reports, it has emerged that Rapid Charge stations in the UK are charging consumers more than what it takes to fill a regular car with the also very expensive fuel that is gasoline.

Rising prices have become a trend over the past year, but it was only in January when prices shifted, with gasoline lagging behind rapid charge stations. It must be said that standard charging (i.e. slower charging) is still much cheaper than gasoline and by extension fast charging stations, but sometimes waiting hours to get back on the road is not always the best option.

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It is also worth noting that this data reflects the current UK, which has peak and off-peak energy tariffs during the colder winter months, meaning that if you want to upgrade your electric car at night and use standard charging methods, it will still be much less pricey than going to a fast charge point during the day.

Electricity prices make electric cars more expensive than petrol cars in UK

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