Dyson now has a set of air-purifying headphones -.

Dyson is a name we usually associate with vacuum cleaners, but the company has previously branched out into different areas. It previously launched the Dyson Airwrap, which used air instead of heat to curl hair.

Now Dyson has launched its Zone headphones, which are not only some noise-canceling headphones, but they also purify air via a non-contact visor that attaches to the headphones themselves.

Through the Dyson app, you can check environmental updates to make sure you know when to direct some purified air into your lungs. Aside from sounding like something from The Lorax, these air-purifying headphones are also going to cost you a pretty penny, as they are about £750 recommended retail price.

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Are you getting the Dyson Zone headphones? Check them out here.

Dyson now has a set of air-purifying headphones

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