DWF Labs invests in Synthetix, Radix and Tomi

The Singaporean crypto firm DWF Labs realized three new investments this week with the derivatives protocol Synthetixthe blockchain platform Radix and the DAO Tomi.

Founded last year in Singapore, DWF Labsa subsidiary of Digital Wave Finance (DWF), invested in Conflux and Orbs Network earlier this month.

This week, the crypto investment firm and market maker announced it is backing three new projects with Synthetix, Tomi and Radix.

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DWF Labs has announced Monday to have invested 20 million dollars in the protocol of crypto derivatives Synthetix through a sale of tokens.

DWF Labs has finalized the purchase of $15 million worth of SNX tokens. Another $5 million purchase of SNX will be made once the integration of Synthetix perpetuals is complete and trading has begun,” the Singaporean said.

For Tomia “crypto anonymous project” led by 8 big names in the industry, DWF Labs led a 40 million round of funding revealed Tuesday.

Tomi develops a solution called tomiNET and presented as an “alternative to the World Wide Web” governed by an autonomous decentralized organization (DAO). Its fundraising also attracted Ticker Capital, Piha Equities and crypto whale Hirokado Kohji.

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Finally, on Thursday, the smart contracts platform Radix Tokens reported having collected 10 million dollars in a funding round led by DWF Labs. The deal boosts the startup’s valuation to 400 millionaccording to a release.

In March 2023, DWF Labs also invested in South Korea’s Kondor and Tonstarterthe native launchpad of TON. The firm headed by Andrei Grachev has made more than 40 investments since its inception, according to data provided by Crunchbase.

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