Dune now has its own monopoly set – Dune: Part Two

Legendary has unveiled the new Dune Monopoly set. Priced at $49.95 USD, you get a custom board, box, pieces and cards, as well as the chance to conquer Arrakis. If you order now, it will arrive between Oct. 10 and 14.

The pieces of the Dune Monopoly set are probably the most interesting part for fans, as you can play as a mouse (Muad’Dib, for those in the know), a Crysknife, the House Atreides ring and more nods to the book and the universe around it.

Funnily enough, you won’t be buying locations in Dune Monopoly, but people. Characters like Duncan Idaho and Gurney Halleck fill in the brown spaces, and at the very opposite end you can buy Princess Irulan and Emperor Shaddam IV.

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Would you like to conquer Arrakis with Dune Monopoly? Read more about it here.

Dune: Part Two

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