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Deck13 Spotlight and Just2D announce the release of an exciting and revealing ‘teaser’ gameplay trailer for DROVA – Forsaken Kin, the stark dark Pixel RPG set in a mystical Celtic world.

The relentless open world welcomes new travelers in 2024 on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Enslave nature’s spirits – or save them!
Welcome to the promised land of Drova, where the priests have praised this new world. Full of hope, you travel through a portal to this new other world – only to realize that you are alone and no one seems to appreciate paradise. Instead, Drova is a grim world where every man is to himself.

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Two factions – one trying to enslave the spirits of nature, one trying to save the spirits to keep the world alive – which path do you choose? And, more importantly, can you survive in a world that will always try to kill you?

The new gameplay trailer gives players a chance to get a first look at the atmospheric open world, gruesome enemies and harsh conditions where bandits might knock you out to rob you. And maybe even a first look at the magical abilities players can use as they make use of nature’s spirits.

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