Draghi presides over his last Council of Ministers: “Governments pass, Italy remains”.

Italy’s Prime Minister Mario Draghi has launched a state message after presiding this Monday over his last Council of Ministers before the inauguration of a new executive led by Giorgia Meloni’s far-right Brothers of Italy party.

“In a few weeks the new government will sit in these seats as an expression of the outcome of the elections just held. I renew my invitation to facilitate an orderly transition that will allow those who arrive to work immediately (…). Governments pass, Italy remains”, he declared, as reported by the AdnKronos news agency.

Draghi has also conveyed a message of thanks to those who have worked with him during the last year and a half. “You have faced a pandemic, an economic crisis, an energy crisis and the return of war to Europe. You have organized the vaccination campaign, drafted and launched the National Recovery and Resilience Plan,” he stressed.

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The outgoing ‘premier’ has also stressed the importance of the transversal agreement that allowed the formation of the government he leads. “National unity is, inevitably, an exceptional experience that occurs only in times of deep crisis. To maintain it as you have done for months requires maturity, a sense of state and a lot of patience”, he stressed.

Meanwhile, the leader of Brothers of Italy, Georgia Meloni, has held this Monday her first meeting with the brand new deputies of her formation elected at the polls on September 25. “You can win with a bluff, but it is not what we want. You have to win by having good cards and you are my cards,” she said.

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“For the first time we have led the Italian right to lead the coalition in the change of government. It is a challenge for which we assume all the responsibility and that we try to face showing seriousness and ability”, he added. Meloni wished the new deputies “five years of pride and victories”.

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