Domino’s may soon bake your pizza during delivery -.

There is nothing sadder than when you open your Domino’s box and discover that your pizza got cold during delivery. Fortunately, the pizza chain has come up with a solution to that, as Domino’s is exploring a way to combine electric bikes and pizza ovens.

As Electrek reports, Domino’s plans to create an electric bike that also has an electric pizza oven on its back. This means your pizza could technically be cooking while being transported to you.

The bike is said to feature 20-inch tires, a battery integrated into the down tube and a wide rear wheel stand to ensure the pizza oven doesn’t cause the bike to fall over when stationary. It even includes a suspension system that promises to protect your pizza from folding over or falling apart if the bike hits a pothole or bump in the road.

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The catch is that the bike is currently only being rolled out in Australia, but this doesn’t mean we won’t see it elsewhere in the future.

Domino's may soon bake your pizza during delivery

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