DJI Mini 3 “non-Pro” drone already on US store shelves ahead of launch

The launch of the DJI Mini 3 Pro was both a cause for joy for fans of the smaller drone, but also disappointment, as the price compared to the Mini 2 version was significantly higher. However, it seems that the Mini 3 Pro is not exactly a product for those who already had the Mini 2, as in the very near future it will also release a “Non-Pro” version of the Mini 3 drone, which could enter the shops’ offer at a lower price. Already there are actual photos of the new model on store shelves, suggesting an official announcement is imminent.

DJI Mini 3 ditches ‘Pro’ features to achieve lower price point

This isn’t the first time a new product from DJI has hit stores before launch. Apparently the DJI Min 3 is already in the warehouses of major retail chain partners, who are just waiting for the official announcement before they can put the product on sale. In the case of a Best Buy store in the US, its employees were not patient and have already put the Mini 3 on sale, revealing that the drone exists, but also offering an official price for it.

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It looks like the DJI Mini 3 will be available in a kit called “Fly Mode,” which includes the drone and the display controller, DJI RC, released with the Mini 3 Pro. Being an extra kit, it also includes two extra batteries (3 in total) and a charger for them. The full package costs $859 US at Best Buy, about $200 cheaper than the Mini 3 Pro package with the Fly More Combo and display controller.

The batteries will deliver more than 34 minutes of flight time, as the Mini 3 Pro promises, but the weight is kept under 249 grams. DJI was able to achieve this by dropping some “Pro” components. This means that the DJI Mini 3, like the Mini, Mini SE and Mini 2 models, will not integrate obstacle avoidance sensors. The Mini 3 also uses lower power wireless technology, promising 10km of range for remote control, compared to 12km on the Mini 3 Pro.

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There’s an upside, though. Instead of sensors, you get a drone that’s just as capable in shooting and filming as the Mini 3 Pro, as it turns out the two drones use the same cameras, with the same 1/1.3″ sensor.

We’re waiting for the official announcement to find out how much the drone will cost outside of the Fly More package, when it will be available in stores, and what the official price will be in Euros for all the packages it will be available in.

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