Disney Plus account sharing ban: Canadians are first

It's that time again for Canadians: the next provider bans account sharing.  (Image: Disney deagreez - adobe.stock.com)

It’s that time again for Canadians: the next provider bans account sharing. (Image: Disney / deagreez – adobe.stock.com)

At the end of May the time had come: Netflix put a stop to account sharing for us. What was tolerated for years is now forbidden. But the provider tested the practice in Canada in February – with harsh consequences.

Six weeks ago, Disney also took the same line: Account sharing should be banned, but only from next year.

Puppy cake. For Canada the time has come from November 1st, as reported by Engadget, among others.

This is what Disney will do

Starting November 1, Disney Plus will stop Canadian users from sharing their accounts with people outside their household – unless they’re willing to pay more. The company sent an email to its subscribers informing them of the change.

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In the updated contract with subscribers, Disney stipulates that the household only includes devices that are located in the main residence and used by the people living there.

You can find out what the streaming service is planning for Germany here:

New subscription model announced

The contract mentioned above also indicates that there will probably be a new tariff to grant access to users from outside of your own household.

There are no details about this yet, but in the case of Netflix you can add additional members to your account for 5 euros.

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When will the ban come to us?

Disney originally planned an account sharing ban for 2024 at the earliest; in Canada it will happen on November 1st. It is currently unclear when the directive will reach the rest of the world.

In parts of Europe, a new and cheaper tariff with advertising is initially being rolled out. By the way, Netflix didn’t just have success with the ban on account sharing.

Disney Plus follows in Netflix’s footsteps and prohibits sharing of accounts outside of one’s own four walls. What was actually planned for 2024 is already threatening Canadians from November 1, 2023. How do you view this practice? Do you think it is fair that providers take action against account sharing? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

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