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Bigben Interactive has launched an exciting collection of wall clocks from ERT Group, inspired by some of the most beloved pop culture icons, including Spider-Man, Harry Potter and Batman. These clocks bring a touch of magic and adventure to your interiors.

Magical decor
For avid fans of Marvel, Harry Potter, DC Comics and other iconic pop heroes, these wall clocks are not just decorative pieces, but true must-haves. They bring the magic of these beloved franchises directly into your everyday life. Whether you are a superhero fanatic, a sorcerer’s apprentice in training, or a fan of the Dark Knight; these wall clocks allow your favorite characters and iconic symbols to come to life in the comfort of your own home or room.

Quality above all else

A computer on a deskDescription automatically generatedThe wall clocks are manufactured into premium quality products, with precision developed ultra-thin edges of only 3 mm and a robust mechanism. In addition, these products are thoroughly tested to always meet the highest standards. To ensure the longevity and quality of the clock, the surface has a scratch-resistant, reflective glass coating. This coating not only protects against scratches, but also retains the clarity of the graphics even after years of use.

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Stunning graphics

Aclock with a design on itDescription automatically generatedThe clocks feature impressively detailed graphics. The special high-gloss surface of the dial ensures vivid colors and perfect reproduction of even the smallest details. In addition, the durable attachment of the graphic ensures that the clock will last a long time without losing color and sharpness.

Without hesitation, these graphics bring a touch of magic into your home and let your favorite pop culture icons come to life in style!

Clever design

A desk with a computer and a monitorDescription automatically generated

The wall clock is equipped with a quiet quartz movement and runs on AA batteries, making no ticking noises and lasting a long time on one battery. This whisper-quiet operation ensures that you can enjoy the tranquility of your home without being distracted by the sound of time passing. The showpiece for an atmospheric room.

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In addition, the elegant lacquered metal hands add a touch of style. All this makes this product top quality!

Editor’s note

Images are available for download here.

Available products:

  • Wall Clock Spider-Man
  • Wall clock Harry Potter
  • Wall Clock Batman (Silhouette)
  • Wall clock Harley Quinn
  • Wall clock Captain America
  • Iron Man wall clock

Recommended retail price €24.99

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