Digital car keys integration with Wear OS, new accessibility and search functions

Part of the year-end batch of Android updates, Google is announcing new features coming to Pixel phone users and beyond in the coming period.

The result of a collaboration with renowned artists, Google is enhancing the Collage Editor feature for the Photos app with new styles to use for generating photo collages. Also added to the Gboard keyboard are new seasonal emoji animations to use to bring the winter holiday atmosphere directly into conversations with your favorite instant messaging app.

Other improvements are on the accessibility side, with Google adding a new Reading Mode, which you can call on to automatically adjust contrast, text size, and page formatting for more enjoyable reading.

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Google has also made some improvements to the Digital car keys feature. Already supported with Pixel phones and iPhones, the car keys feature will also allow Wear OS smartwatches to be used to access and start compatible cars. Also on Wear OS, Google is also adding a series of car cards with quick access to features such as contacts, weather information and more.

Also of interest to YouTube users is a new YouTube Search widget, to be added to the Android Home Screen for quick searches after videos. In addition, YouTube will now have a Cast option for viewing on a nearby Google TV screen.

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