Diablo IV and Jackson release “Jackson Diablo IV Kelly” in new collaboration – That’s Gaming

To celebrate the launch of Diablo IV, they are proud to announce a new collaboration with Jackson and the new Limited Edition Jackson Diablo IV Kelly-guitar, designed by Jackson’s master designer Pasquale Campolattano. This handcrafted, limited edition model is designed for the ultimate fan of action RPGs. The Jackson Diablo IV Kelly mimics the famous Kelly shape played by music legends such as: Jeff Loomis, Marty Friedman, Brandon Ellis and emerging artists.

“We were delighted when Blizzard approached us with this project, as it presented an incredible opportunity to collaborate with the talented artists and creators behind one of the most beloved game series of all time. Jackson and Diablo are a perfect match and we knew we could bring something very special to life,” said Pasquale Campolattano, master designer of Jackson. “Our goal was to create a design that resonated with the fans and creators of the game itself. We delved into the game’s lore and breathtaking artwork, and it became clear that Lilith and the symbolic imagery had to take center stage. The dark, bold design exudes pure metal and pays homage to the essence of the game. Incorporating the “IV” and “Rune” symbols as key inlays added an extra touch of menace, resulting in an impressive guitar for any stage.”

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“Looking at the Jackson Diablo IV Kelly look, I see a guitar that represents Diablo. Thick, heavy and explicitly designed to both evoke darkness and crush enemies. It symbolizes the beauty of destruction,” said Joseph Piepiora, Associate Game Director of Diablo IV.

“Demons and hell are a nice interface for guitars and what we do with Diablo,” said John Mueller, Art Director of Diablo IV. “Our symbol of Lilith on the Diablo IV Kelly, with the red splashes and runic symbols, along with the thoughtful and thematic choices for the materials we used to build this guitar, are an incredible representation of the world we created for Diablo IV.”

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