Design flaw in Pixel 7 phones? More and more users complain about the loss of the Volume key

More and more Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro handsets are being complained about the unexpected dropping of the Volume key from the phone’s case, with the problem manifesting spontaneously without the phone having been bumped or used in an improper way.

Putting salt in the wound, one such incident occurred just as a Pixel 7 Pro copy was being handled well by Nick Sutrich, one of the stars of the website.

Although, it doesn’t offer much consolation, on both the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy S23 Ultra series the volume key can be removed from the phone’s case without prior disassembly. But on these devices it would require the blade of a box cutter and the application of considerable force, and it is impossible for the button to simply fall off.

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In the case of the Pixel 7, the issue adds to other shortcomings already reported by users using Google’s new flaghship without a protective case. So, in addition to the nasty scratches collected on the metal camera trim, we can also list the protruding/losing physical keys on the list of signs of premature wear.

Contacted for clarification, Google representatives confirm that they are investigating the problem reported by users, but so far without providing an official solution. In the meantime, Pixel 7 users who don’t want to risk losing the key that can “leave” the phone’s case at any time are encouraged to use uncovered protective covers next to the volume key. What is certain is that the company does not currently offer a warranty replacement for the lost Volume key, let alone a solution to prevent its loss in the future.

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