Cut to your heart’s content with the Traqpod 3 Electric –

If you’re looking for a radical way to get around town, Traqpod may have just the solution for you. The company is known for making skateboards designed for carving (i.e. essentially surfing in an S-like pattern), and now the same company is giving the latest iteration of its skateboard the electric treatment.

Known as the Traqpod 3 Electric, this board features electric motors that are also regenerative brakes that can help add some juice back to the battery, on top of having LED lights on the front and back of the board so people know when you’re coming. It will also come with a choice of one of three motor options, these being the more powerful dual-drive with two motors, the single-drive one motor or the “you drive” no-motor iteration, which is basically just a skateboard.

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Currently, Traqpod is not fully selling the electric version of the board, as it is currently seeking backers as part of a Kickstarter campaign to fund the gadget’s creation. So far, it has raised about 50% of its total goal of £30,000, with 26 days left on the campaign.

Cut to your heart's content with the Traqpod 3 Electric

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