Crypto search engine Kaito AI raises $5M from Dragonfly

Kaito AIa startup that offers a search engine powered by theAI and dedicated to the Web3has collected 5.3 million dollars from Sequoia, Jane Street and Dragonfly.

Founded in Seattle last year, developed MetaSearcha search engine And recommendation for cryptocurrency.

With MetaSearchthe company allows institutional and retail investors to search in “ the entire crypto landscape with a single click “.

The decentralized nature of the crypto industry has led to significant information overload and fragmentation across multiple channels, making it difficult for users to access and understand.” estimates Kaito AI.

Its engine is powered by artificial intelligence to optimize results and integrates the very popular chatbot ChatGPT to provide a better search experience.

Last week, the startup announced to have completed a 5.3 million financing round led by crypto-native venture capital firm Dragonfly. The fundraising of Kaito AI also counts the participation of several giants of the TradFi with Sequoia Capital China and the American Jane Street.

“Over the past 12 months, we have built one of the information databases the most complete databases in the field of crypto. By combining this database and our in-house artificial intelligence technologies with the advanced linguistic models of ChatGPTwe aim to deliver a superior search experience,” Kaito AI said following the operation.

On Techcrunch, Yu Huthe company’s boss and Citadel alumnus, said he was already talking with OpenAIBinance and Dragonfly for the startup’s next round.

The capital raised this month will allow Kaito AI to expand its team and accelerate the development of MetaSearch.

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