Colombian authorities find a new corpse with signs of violence in the street

The Metropolitan Police of Bogota reported Saturday that a new body has appeared on the public road in the Cundinamarca neighborhood, in the Puente Aranda district of the Colombian capital.

“The National Police knows by phone call, of the location of a lifeless body, initially what is done is the urgent act by the Judicial Police to determine times, modes, causes and generate the corresponding hypotheses in front of this finding,” explained Carlos Fernando Triana, the police commander, in statements collected by the RCN radio station.

According to the newspaper ‘El Tiempo’, the police went to the scene at 06.30 local time, where they found the dismembered body of a person in a bag.

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Authorities have ruled out that this case is related to those reported in recent weeks, in which dismembered bodies were found in bags. In the first nine months of the year, 23 victims have been registered in the public space with signs of torture or signs of violence.

In these previous cases, which are under investigation, the District Secretariat of Security, Coexistence and Justice has indicated that those responsible for the crimes would be illegal organizations related to drug trafficking.

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