Coinbase will release a fiml on Amazon, iTunes and Youtube about its origin and rise to the stock market

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has announced that the company will release a documentary about cryptocurrencies and the stock market itself. Entitled “Coin: A Founder’s Story“, the film was created by Coinbase in collaboration with 10-time Emmy Award-winning director Greg Kohs. Starting this Friday, the documentary will be available on Amazon, Apple TV and YouTube.

As revealed in the trailer of the documentary, the film will cover the origin and rise of Coinbase from its beginnings on the US public markets. In addition, the documentary will feature Ethereum (ETH) co-founder Vitalik Buterin, MicroStrategy co-founder and Bitcoin (BTC) bull Michael Saylor, as well as other industry luminaries.

According to Brian Armstrong, the film is a must-see for anyone involved or interested in crypto, including policy makers. He believes the documentary will help advance the cause of crypto-currencies and show the inspiration of the people who are driving the industry forward.

Armstrong stated:

“I agreed to do this documentary because I wanted to demystify what it takes to create a tech startup and encourage more people to create companies. I also wanted to demystify crypto.”

He also stated that Greg Kohs and his team had a “unprecedented access“to Coinbase’s activity, which helped capture the insane ups and downs Coinbase has faced over the past three years.

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Brian Armstrong adds:

“I got in touch with Greg after seeing another film he created called AlphaGo, which was about DeepMind’s program beating Go champion Lee Sedol. It was a powerful story and that’s what convinced me to trust him to tell our story. I hope you all go see the film – and that policymakers see it too. I think it will help advance the cause of crypto-currencies.”

For Greg Kohs, the film is his latest project, which follows two short documentaries and a feature film in the same genre called “AlphaGo.”

Crypto-currency movies to watch

With the growth of the crypto industry, there has been a growing number of resources to learn more about digital assets. Now, there is already a long list of various movies, from documentaries to blockbusters, that are worth watching.

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For example, “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” (2014) is a documentary by Ben Bledsoe and Patrick Lope that explains the rationale behind bitcoin and how it became the leading crypto-currency. In addition, the film features early Bitcoin users, including Gavin Andresen.

Another film worth seeing is “Bitcoin: The End of Money As We Know” (2015) by Torsten Hoffmann and Michael Watchulonis. In this documentary, you will get a clear understanding of the practices of central banks and financial institutions. In addition, it highlights the government’s influence on money printing and reveals how monetary policy led the world to a financial crisis.

Or, the Arte documentary “Le mystère Satoshi : enquête sur l’inventeur du bitcoin”. In the age of the Internet, a group of computer scientists, the Cypherpunks, seek to code an anonymous and autonomous electronic currency, free, direct, without intermediaries. They all fail, except for a certain Satoshi Nakamoto who publishes, in the middle of the subprime crisis… the code of bitcoin

In 2019, the world saw “Crypto” starring Kurt Russell, Alexis Bleder and Luke Hemsworth. This crime drama thriller film deals with money laundering and other criminal activities.

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