Coinbase, Bitstamp, Kraken re-list XRP

Following the conclusion from court in the case of Rippleseveral large crypto exchangesincluding Coinbaseannounced the back from XRP on their service. The SEC could do call of the decision from justice.

While a U.S. judge ruled Thursday that XRP could not be considered security when the token is sold to the general public on an exchange, the major U.S. crypto platforms began to re-list the digital part.

Last night, Coinbase has indeed declared working on listing XRP on its service. Overnight, the company opened trading for the token issued by Ripple.

Victory for Ripple. V for industry. V for builders. V for clear rules. V for updating the system,” Coinbase tweeted.

Bitstamp, for its part, said it was once again offering XRP to its users based in the United States. United States.

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“Bitstamp had discontinued XRP trading for U.S. customers due to the filing of the SEC against Ripple […] The decision today has prompted us to resume trading XRP “, the crypto exchange informed.

The same is true of Kraken. “Kraken is delighted to announce that US residents can deposit and exchange XRP.” wrote the Seattle-based firm.

The twin exchange Winklevoss should follow in its rivals’ footsteps.

“In light of the decision that selling XRP on the exchanges is not a security, Gemini is considering listing XRP for spot trading and derivatives.” stated the platform.

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The legal director of Ripple is back in more detail, calling it an “enormous victory”.

Exchange sales are not securities. Sales by executives are not securities. Other XRP distributions – to developers, charities, employees are not securities. The only thing the Court has found to constitute an investment contract is the past direct sale of XRP to institutional clients,” tweeted Stuart Alderoty.

The SEC also reacted publicly to Judge Analisa Torres’ findings:

“We are pleased that the court found that the XRP tokens were offered and sold by Ripple as investment contracts in violation of securities laws in certain circumstances. The court agreed with the SEC that the Howey test governs the securities analysis of crypto transactions and rejected Ripple’s invented test as to what constitutes an investment contract,” the regulator wrote, noting that it would continue to review the decision.

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