Clu3: wealth manager Indosuez creates a private Web3 club

The subsidiary Indosuez Wealth Management from Crédit Agricole joins forces with SiaXperience and METAV.RS to design a private club for its customers : Le Clu3. Thanks to Web3 toolson wealth manager will propose immersive experience (metaverse ?) and Exclusive NFT to its members corresponding to real rewards.

Now it’s the turn of another group subsidiary Crédit Agricole to make its mark in the Web3 field. Last month, CACEIS was registered as a PSAN. CIB designed the PoCR blockchain and is working on asset tokenization.

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Indosuez Wealth Managementthe wealth management brand of Crédit Agricole, is interested in uses of the Web3 for the customer recruitment and the loyalty. The manager announces the creation of a private club for its customers.

metaverse and NFT expertise to build customer loyalty

Named Le Clu3this club for its wealthy customers is developed with SiaXperiencefor design thinking, and METAV.RS, which brings its expertise in the metaverse, immersive experiences and the use of non-fungible tokens.

NFTs are at the heart of the system designed to Indosuez Wealth Management to build customer loyalty. The white-label solution from METAV.RS hosts a variety of use cases, including those linked to the creation of new-generation clubs and loyalty programs.

Crédit Agricole subsidiary Le Clu3 to associate “prestigious brands” with its initiative aimed at “its new generation of customers”. The latter will be offered “a exclusive and immersive experience “and therefore NFT.

Soul Bound Tokens for private club members

Thanks to the use of Soul Bound Tokens [Ndlr : ils ne peuvent être revendus au secondaire]the ownership of the NFTs is secured and reserved exclusively for the participants”, state the project partners in a press release shared with

These tokens will be distributed to members at club events.

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“Owners of collected NFTs will benefit from unique rewards that money can’t buy “the press release simply states. One can imagine that these rewards will mobilize prestige brand partners.

For the management of non-fungible tokens, the company promises “a user-friendly and intuitive interface”. Clu3 enables Indosuez to target a new audience and potentially rejuvenate its customer base.

Upcoming events announced for 2023

It’s also an opportunity for the company to position itself “as the first bank to launch a private club with NFT technology “says Simon Foucher, CEO of METAV.RS.

The three players involved in the project also refute any marketing stunt or simple communications operation.

This is the beginning of a story that’s going to last a long time, with our sights set on future events between now and the end of the year”, they promise.

For this promise to be kept, customers will have to respond and the club will have to live up to their expectations.

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